TGI Fridays


In here it’s always Friday. TGI Fridays has been serving up American favourites since making its Malaysian debut in 1994. Fridays has become the ultimate destination for meals served with a side of fun. Beefy burgers and hunky steaks, nothing can go wrong when you enjoy a bite with the best from the west.



For a bite that’s just delizioso, Italiannies serves authenticity with love. Indulge in the rich cuisine and culture of Italy. The A’more di Merrier menu marries family and food, and serves up hearty meals meant to be shared. It’s a place where home is just a nibble away.

Teh Tarik Place


Your local mamak stall in a more comfortable setting. Savour the tastes and smells of your favourite street side favourites without the pesky carbon monoxide. It’s a lepak spot for friends to celebrate all Malaysia has to offer. Satisfaction starts with a simple, “Abang, teh tarik satu.”



Unwind and give in to those Irish urges. Order a pint of Guinness while munching on the foods of the Emerald Isle. Choose from various Gaelic delicacies or order the Chef’s special creations. Luck of the Irish is a real thing, but it only works at Malones.