Key Milestones



2013 1st franchisee outlet of the Teh Tarik Place opened in Nov 2013.
  • Listed on SGX.
  • 3rd franchise brand launched in Malaysia - Bulgogi Brothers.
  • Debuted in Thailand with the 4th franchise brand - Paradise Dynasty.
  • Debuted in Indonesia with TGI Fridays.
  • 2nd franchise brand launched in Malaysia - Watami.
  • Launched Baci, Bedroom.
  • 1st footprint into Singapore with TGI Fridays.
  • Launched Malones.
2010 Asiasons' acquisition of 75% stake in Chaswood.
2007 Launched Laundry, Teh Tarik Place, The Apartment.
2004 Developed its first own proprietary brand, Italiannies.
2003 Secured development rights for TGI Fridays in Malaysia
2002 Founded after a management buyout of the initial 4 TGI Fridays outlets in Malaysia.